is a feature film (in development) about a bankrupt, modern-day mill owner visited by mill girls from 1912 when they discover her future threatens their historic past. Meanwhile, the mill owner contends with a Latino youth whose gang keeps tagging her mill. These happenings have connections - and consequences - if she doesn't find the answers or the courage to save history.

Inspired by the most influential textile strike in American history - "The Bread & Roses Strike of 1912"- Millies will be filmed in the actual historic locations throughout the Immigrant City of Lawrence, Massachusetts. The people involved in the filmmaking process will be descendants of those who worked and slaved, loved or loathed their factory jobs in the massive brick mills that line the Merrimack River and the streets of Lawrence.

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Writer/Director Lorre Fritchy's ancestors were Lawrencians who worked in these very mills, the lifeblood of the city for decades. And while the mill workers, ancestors, and some of the mills themselves are all but gone now, their dusty voices still whisper their stories to Lorre, and she is determined to tell them...

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